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Data Recovery

Behind every successful business is a bunch of valuable data, including customer information, financial records, intellectual property, and operational information. Although it may not always be top of mind, backup and recovery systems are essential for safeguarding this information. 

Regular backups help you prevent permanent data loss in various circumstances, including hardware failure, human error, malware attacks, and natural disasters. Think of our backup and recovery services as a safety net for your business.

Office 365

Office 365 Backups

Flexibility is especially important in today’s remote and hybrid work environments. Microsoft 365 operates in the cloud, allowing employees to access their work from anywhere with an internet connection. By backing up your Office 365, you can ensure all the details pertaining to user accounts, permissions, and accessing controls are available when you need them.


Server Backups

While you can hope for the best, it’s always best to prepare for any situation regarding your data should any unforeseen circumstances arrive. Mitigating risk is always easier than putting out fires when they impact your data in real-time. Backups provide more flexibility in data retention, ensuring you can recover your data whenever you need it.

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Data & Hard Drive Destruction

Safeguarding your sensitive information goes beyond maintaining it—it includes destroying it properly too. Inadequate data destruction practices can lead to data breaches, which can have serious consequences. We help you reduce the risk of data breaches by ensuring proper disposal practices of your data, hard drives, and storage devices.

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File Sync & Share

Collaboration is key in smoothly completing tasks big and small in your business. Data loss can disrupt your team’s work, causing frustration and decreased productivity. The solution? A reliable backup and recovery system that allows your team to combine efforts when needed and complete their tasks without prolonged interruptions.

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Get Started

Avoid operational hiccups with a backup plan. Instead of worrying about downtime, financial losses, and customer dissatisfaction, data backup and recovery can help you maintain continuity and minimize disruptions.

Whether you need rapid data recovery or a confidence-boosting backup plan, we’ve got you. Call in Adroit Technologies to be your trusted partner for server backups, Office 365 backups, data and hard drive destruction, file syncing and sharing, and more.

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