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At our digital marketing agency, we thrive to understand your business needs by listening to your goals, ideas and needs. All the decisions are taken with those inputs in mind.

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Specialized and Experienced Team

Adroit Technologies has been providing digital marketing and web solutions to businesses for over 10 years. We have highly experienced experts, who use the latest tools and strategies to provide the best results.

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High Understanding of SEO

SEO is not implemented only when performing SEO on a website, it is all around now. With great understanding of SEO, all our digital marketing services result in success.

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Our Commitment

We believe in delivering the expected results, and our team works very hard towards reaching those results. We are committed to work your request in time, so you can focus on growing!

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Search Engine Optimization in Kamloops

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it commonly referred to as is an ever-evolving practice in marketing that maximizes how frequently your website appears in the search results of those looking for specific information.

As Kamloops’ Search Engine Optimization experts, Adroit’s SEO & marketing professionals will work with you to create a custom plan to drive your website to the top of the results in your industry. With add-on options for content creationsocial media managementdigital advertising, and email marketing we can help you find a solution that fits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

As more and more business transactions start online, the importance of your website’s position in the search results becomes more important to the bottom line of your business. Recent studies show that over 70% of users do not click sites that appear outside of the top 5 search results. To ensure that your website is consistently shown to your potential customers let the experts at Adroit work with you to create your custom optimization and marketing plan

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and hiring shady companies to link back to your site to increase your ranking – instead the focus is put on enhancing the quality of your content, the frequency of your updates, and having a well-coded website. In recent updates, to their algorithm, Google has gone as far as flagging sites seen as attempting to cheat the system and prevents them from showing in the search results altogether. With our continuously updated processes and cutting-edge tools at our disposal, our client’s websites consistently rank higher than their competitors on both Google and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization, as part of a broader marketing strategy, includes but is not limited to:

  • Easy-To-Use User Interfaces
  • Navigatable Menus & Logical Page Layouts
  • Page Load Speeds
  • Well-Coded Website
  • Analytics & Metrics
  • Branded Content Creation
  • Optimized Meta Information
  • Understanding Website Traffic Flows
  • Incorporating Social Trends & Patterns
  • Keyword Development

While a relatively simple concept, SEO tends to be one of the least understood aspects of a great marketing strategy but the element that will make the most impact. We have a variety of options and packages to meet your business’s unique needs that we can further customize to fit your goals and budget. Click the link below to get your free site audit and find out how an Adroit SEO and Marketing expert can help.

We have multiple SEO plans which we have carefully planned according to different kinds of business needs. Our SEO plans include a setup and monthly costs. 

To know more about how our SEO services can help your business needs, please book a consultation with our SEO expert. 

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Google Ads

Our Google AdWords services start with an account & initial campaign setup, from there we perform an information audit to ensure everything within the client’s account is correct. After that, we have a strategic planning session with the client to finalize campaign and ad objectives (including determining conversion measurements). Since AdWords is keyword-driven, we conduct keyword research based on the client’s industry to determine the best-performing ones as well as the negative ones to flag.

Since we see value in results, we offer optional result reports for each campaign/ad run at no cost. We can also generate customized reports for an additional charge /campaign or ad run.

** we require a client credit card to be used for ad credits’

** note: Google recommends at least $300 in monthly ad credits for first-page ranking (industry dependent) 

Frequently Asked Questions

After a client’s onboarding process is complete and we have all the necessary information/content, we design the ad creative & messaging for the client’s approval. The next step is to target & optimize the ad to ensure it performs the best it can. This step includes setting budgets, determining a schedule for when the ad is served as well as confirming the ads are “healthy” in the eyes of Google.

Once the Google campaign is running, we focus on the management of the ads as well as the client’s account as a whole. Monitoring/management happens daily, with changes being made where we see room for performance improvement. We check budget balances daily as well, topping up ad credits when campaign budgets become exhausted or pausing campaigns when it’s necessary to stop spending.

Facebook Ads

Every Facebook Advertising campaign begins with a strategic planning session with the client. From there, we take their vision & desired marketing objectives and produce ad creatives & messaging. Once approved by the client, we then target & optimize the campaign for ample results – we create custom audiences for your campaign so potential leads are never missed, determine the best daily schedule for the ads to avoid being served at irregular hours, and ensure the ad placements reflect the campaign’s (and brand’s) objectives. We can also easily integrate the ads onto Instagram for any client who is already present on the platform. Once a campaign is running (and for its entire run), we monitor the ads daily and manage them, making any changes we see necessary to ensure better performance. This monitoring includes the set budget, which is determined with the client during the strategic planning session.

Since we see value in results, we offer optional result reports for each campaign/ad run at no cost.

** we require a client credit card to be used for ad credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook ads are very user-friendly as they can reach potential customers early in the buying process. Moreover, it results in a paid influx of traffic to your website, which is great for search engine optimization.

You can generate sales leads by creating effective ad campaigns with accurate audiences and demographics. Your landing page should have a form or any lead submission platform to collect sales leads. 

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Social Media Marketing

We offer social media management services in different tiers, so you have the option to choose that is best according to your business needs. 

Our social media team also provides a set of recommendations that your social media profile should follow in order to receive a return on investment. Book a meeting with our team today to discuss a social media strategy for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

We start by creating or gaining access to the client’s business page. From there we conduct a full-page information audit & implement said information. This can be everything/anything from the business hours & location to specific services clients want to highlight on the page. Along with the initial information implementation, we also create the initial page branding (cover photo, profile photo, etc.), making sure our creatives are in line with those already established by the client. Once the page is up & running we have a concept planning & strategizing meeting with the client to finalize the types of content they want to see on their page.

We offer various social media plans and strategies according to your business needs and audience. Please reach out to our marketing team to understand what is the best we can offer to grow your business through social media. 

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Google My Business Optimization

Google My Local Business Listing is yet another way to remain social & connected with your clients, and is one that many people aren’t aware they should be doing!

Our service is a one-time charge, which included both the creation & management of the listing. We start by ensuring our client has a Google account, and create one if not. We then create the listing (or claim it if Google has already automatically set up a generic one for the brand), which will appear across Google, including in maps & search. With all our branding-based services, we perform an information audit with the client which included the retrieval of images they would like to display in the listing. The management side of things revolves mostly around reviews, which will be read/responded to by our team in order to maintain a positive rating for the listing. And if ever business information or imagery needs to be changed, clients can always reach out and our team will complete the request!

We also offer monthly Google My Business management services, please reach out to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google My Business is a free tool to promote your business on Google Search and Maps. It lets your customers stay updated with your business updates and you can connect with your customers as well. With accurate information and good reviews on your Google My Business listing, you can create a business as well.

You may find that your business listing does not show up on Google Search or Maps results, when you are searching for your business related keywords. It is due to an under optimized listing. Google recommends to update your business info for better visibility by adding accurate, complete and engaging content. 

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Email Marketing

With our email marketing plans, newsletters & email marketing campaigns have never been easier to execute, deliver and monitor. With a one-time installation and minimal ongoing fees, client’s can start sending emails to their audiences quickly & without worry of high fees. And, because the platform is directly integrated into the client’s WordPress site, campaigns are easily implemented and done so without having to use a third party tool like MailChimp.

Frequently Asked Questions

We start by insuring our client’s mailing lists are the best they can be by migrating contacts from their existing mailing list and integrating them into our platform – creating a refined, targeted list. From there we can do anything from content creation and design, to implementing drip campaigns and attaching custom actions to emails. As with all of our services, our email marketing is fully managed, meaning we take care of everything from setting up sign-up forms / auto-respondents & insuring content is mobile friendly, to setting campaign schedules, triggers & custom actions. And because we see value in results, we offer real-time statistics (opens, clicks, unsubscriptions, bounces etc.) for every campaign.

The most easily implemented of our email marketing options, these campaigns are simple, consistent & reliable – perfect for a regularly delivered newsletter with a simple template!

We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly campaign options, all of which are fully managed to ensure our client’s email marketing is as valuable as an investment as it can be. This service included one initial email template (additional ones available upon request), as well as the setup of the template’s layout including any customization the client may see necessary. After we audit it for any errors, we input the client’s newsletter information into the proper format to ensure it’s delivered effectively. Not a writer? That’s okay! We also offer content creation for newsletters.

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Marketing Graphic Design

A professional, high-impact, quality graphic design can help your well-planned business strategy to work for you. At Adroit Technologies, we offer marketing graphic designing services covering a wide range of products – logos, brochures, newsletters, infographics, posters, social media posts, business cards, booklets, banner – we pretty much design it all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Marketing related: Brochures, posters, booklets, infographics, proposals and newsletters. 
  • Social Media: All social media creatives. 
  • Business related: Websites, logos, business cards, presentations.

Don’t see what you want us to design, reach out to our team and we’ll design it for you.

All our marketing graphic designing services are priced on our regular hourly rates. We allow the client to have as many revisions as they want, to reach the best result. 

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Colby Russell
Colby Russell
Local Guide
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Great team here and amazing service. They have looked after my small stuff like backing things up to our office stuff. I highly recommend them.
Kim Nobert
Kim Nobert
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Kris and his team are amazing! We were having problems with our email. I swear nothing is more frustrating when your computer does not work and you rely on to work. One phone call to Adroit Technologies and it was fixed in 15 minutes! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Western Restaurant Supply
Western Restaurant Supply
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I uses ATWS for 2 of my businesses and highly recommend them. They installed and set up internet in my apartment building and they built the website for my business. Highly recommend them!


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