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Get an experienced team’s insights to help you solve industry challenges!

Why choose our Special Projects services?

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Adroit Technologies has been working with not-profit organizations for over 15 years and sub-contracting as IT specialists for over 20 years. Get a experienced team by your side!

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Community Reach

We have been in the industry of IT and not-profit organizations for a very long time, hence, we have developed a community which can help you reach your goals.

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Our team can support your goals by strategizing plans for your success. We are committed to helping our clients with the best solutions and cost-effective.

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At Adroit Technologies, we have insights to help solve industry challenges, which comes with our experience in the industry of not-profit organizations and IT sub-contractors.

Special Projects Process

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Not-For Profit Organizations

We understand what are the needs of a not-for profit organization are, and we are here to help you set up and get functioning seamlessly. Adroit Technologies have been working with not-profit organizations with over 15 years and we have helped built over 100s of projects. 

Adroit Technologies’ professionals have constantly gained knowledge from our clients and created a steady stream of insights on TechSoup, registering as a not-for profit organization, strategizing and cost minimizing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Adroit Technologies offer various services for not-for profit organizations including TechSoup, registering as a not-for profit organization, strategizing and cost minimization. 

We also offer our services at a discounted-rate for not-profit organizations. 

Adroit Technologies can you in taking your not-for profit organization to the next level by supporting you throughout your administrative work, TechSoup, website development, marketing, IT, cyber security and much more. 

Please contact us to more about how can we support your not-for profit organization. 

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Sub Contracting

Adroit Technologies’ IT experts are available for being hired as IT subcontractors. We bring new ideas and productivity to get feasible and efficient solutions to your client’s problems. As an IT company, we understand the importance of being punctual and using best practices with common sense. Check where our IT specialists are experienced and specialized in.

Learn more about our IT specialists availability and skills, contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

IT subcontractors can provide specialized skills, ideas and productivity to your IT projects. Sometimes, there are projects which you can’t handle yourself, that’s when the subcontractors come in. Hire our IT subcontractors to feel the convenience of dealing with a project!

You might need a subcontractor if you get a project which might require more manpower or your need new skillet via a subcontractor to work on a project to finish the project in time and efficiently.

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Ratings & Reviews

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Colby Russell
Colby Russell
Local Guide
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Great team here and amazing service. They have looked after my small stuff like backing things up to our office stuff. I highly recommend them.
Kim Nobert
Kim Nobert
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Kris and his team are amazing! We were having problems with our email. I swear nothing is more frustrating when your computer does not work and you rely on to work. One phone call to Adroit Technologies and it was fixed in 15 minutes! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Western Restaurant Supply
Western Restaurant Supply
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I uses ATWS for 2 of my businesses and highly recommend them. They installed and set up internet in my apartment building and they built the website for my business. Highly recommend them!


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