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The value Adroit Technologies offer is not only in our expertise, but in the roster of services we offer being fully managed. We offer a broad range of technical support services and products, ranging from AntiVirus & Office 365 to our MSP program & full network installs. Contact us for a free consultation so we can determine what type of support your company needs!

Why choose our MSP & Technical Support services?

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Fully Managed

We are committed to providing fully managed services to our clients! We understand how difficult it is when you have IT problems.

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Problem Solvers

Our technicians love to solve all your IT problems and make sure they don't repeat, so you can work seamlessly and efficiently!

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We are completely customizable with our services and can include all your IT needs from a managed provider. We are just here to help!

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We are 100% flexible to increase our capacity according to your project or company size.

Technical Support Process

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Call us at +1 250-828-1198 or book a meeting with us.
One of our ninja technicians will work closely with you to solve your issue.
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Managed Service Provider

Technology, computers, networks, servers, clouds, anti-virus, keyboards, windows, cables… Your business technology becomes a busy place really fast. Lucky for you, we have the knowledge and expertise to manage all of it!

Our Managed Service Provider Program ( MSP ) was designed for this exact reason. The program is a pre-paid, monthly technical support retainer. It gives you priority access to our technical support team, a manageable & predictable technical support budget, and a single point of contact, Adroit Technologies.

Our MSP Program covers all of the technology in your business and has a per sear basis plans (can customize a block time too).

Frequently Asked Questions

A managed service provider (MSP) is an IT team that keeps your workspace working efficiently and smoothly. An MSP provides expertise, tools, and processes for IT that most small to medium-size businesses are not able to manage. 

We are available during usual office hours: Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm). 


Our help desk support includes printer support such as connectivity, compatibility, and driver support.

We also configure, install and set up new printers upon request. 

Technical Support

Off-site, On-Site, Remote Support & Phone Support

Not all technical support services are created equal! Adroit Technologies works with you to solve all of your technical challenges while providing you with a clear explanation without talking “over your head”. Please see “Our Approach” for more about what makes us different.

We are where you are: our technicians can come to your location, work remotely or solve problems in our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical support means to provide common tech-related support over the telephone, via email or our technicians can install a plugin to access your device from away. Technical Service Representatives are highly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the software, devices, and products, which helps you get your tech issues resolved. 

You can reach out to us through our email form, via call, or in person. Our technicians are happy to get you started. 

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Hardware and Software Services

A few examples of the services we provide are:

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 allows you to share & collaborate with all of your email, documents, calendar, contacts, and files across all your devices! Adroit Technologies utilizes the tools available, along with knowledgeable staff and partner support for the Microsoft ecosystem to help keep your home/office/business running smoothly.  

We offer several distinct packages for Office 365. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft recommends the following: 

If you have less than 30 employees and are moving from G-suite: Follow the steps of moving to Microsoft 365 from G-suite. 

If you have more than 30 employees and are moving from some other provider: Contact a Microsoft Partner to help you move. 

Adroit Technologies is a Silver Microsoft Partner.  Contact us via phone or email today to get started.

Microsoft recommends businesses to connect with a Microsoft Partner when it comes to using Microsoft Products. 

Adroit Technologies are a Silver Microsoft Partner, who is here to help you provide solutions for your business needs using Microsoft products. 

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M365 + Teams + M365 Business Voice
Remote Work
Add new dimensions to your employee’s collaboration efforts and ability to engage with your customers with built-in productivity/communication tools that give your team the ability to work from anywhere. Give clients the tools to shape the future of their workforce as they adapt to the changing modern workplace.

M365 + AZURE
Secure Remote Workers

Working remotely inherently adds more security risks to your client’s data. Make sure to minimize the risk to your client’s data and workflow with cybersecurity and continuity features built into M365 and Azure. Being able to control the remote access and collaboration tools that your staff can use will result in better protection for their devices and data. 


Accelerated Cloud Migration

Achieve digital transformation by unleashing the power of AI and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Azure. Shift your workforce to the cloud with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), then streamline deployment, management, and optimization by utilizing Nerdio.


Empower with Business Apps

From automating workflows to analyzing data and building apps, the power platform modernizes your day-to-day processes by making it possible to create easy-to-use Visualization dashboards for your team, and build no-code apps. 

Case Studies

See how organizations are reimagining MSP & Technical Support

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Ratings & Reviews

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Colby Russell
Colby Russell
Local Guide
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Great team here and amazing service. They have looked after my small stuff like backing things up to our office stuff. I highly recommend them.
Kim Nobert
Kim Nobert
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Kris and his team are amazing! We were having problems with our email. I swear nothing is more frustrating when your computer does not work and you rely on to work. One phone call to Adroit Technologies and it was fixed in 15 minutes! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Western Restaurant Supply
Western Restaurant Supply
Read More
I uses ATWS for 2 of my businesses and highly recommend them. They installed and set up internet in my apartment building and they built the website for my business. Highly recommend them!


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